Showcasing the very best of their region, the Clava Reserve wines focus on displaying the optimal purity of the fruit. Only the most premium grapes from a selection of prominent vineyards are used to ensure a wine of the very best quality. Typically rich and fruit-driven with ample weight, concentration, and intensity of flavor, these wines are designed to benchmark the vintage and region from which they come, while displaying the pure characteristics of the variety.


“Wines with Identity” best explains the concept of the Quintay Q range, where the wines are made to reflect the unique characteristics of their particular vineyard sites. Our winemaking approach is non-interventional, allowing the wine to take its own path. The Q range offers an incredibly interesting wine tasting experience where, due to the nature of producing wines from exclusive plots of land, the Q range of wines are available in only very limited quantities.


Each Viña Quintay wine has its own identity and personality which make it original and different. Discover here our Quintay Q and Clava lines in all their varieties, with respective tasting notes and technical sheets

Quintay , viña en casablanca

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