Viña Quintay is characterized for having a unique winemaking process. 100% harvesting by hand, trays not exceeding 12 kilos and a winery enabling the micro-winemaking of one hectare or more, allow us to obtain different components of Sauvignon Blanc, all from the Casablanca valley. In all, we have at least 5 components of Sauvignon Blanc which are blended in a certain proportion defined by our winemaker each year. The result is an exceptional balance between tropical, citric and mineral flavours to produce an outstanding wine.


To understand each of the varieties and assure ourselves that what we produce faithfully reflects the terroir from which they come. To achieve a unique combination of clones, soil, altitude, temperature and vineyard management.


The art of micro-winemaking is a task for only a few as it demands not only a handling of the different terroir but also of a suitable winery, with small tanks to micro-produce hectare by hectare as required, plus a special area for the reception of the grapes and a cold store, necessary for retaining grape quality during the harvesting process.

Quintay , viña en casablanca

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